Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Audio clip of McMaax of Maaximum Seduction talking about the Pre Opener Value Calibration Phase!

Hey guys,

Listen to McMaax of Maaximum Seduction, talk about what really the first step in the seduction process is, that so many other dating outfits miss. This is an incredibly crucial step in order to not only warm up a woman to the approach but open her up to the idea of becoming attracted to us and seduced by us.

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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Barack Obama can can really teach you how to become a master seducer!

Hey guys,

It’s been a while since I’ve been on this wonderful forum -been insanely busy!!!

But I had some free time so I thought it would be a suitable moment to “give back to the community”. In other words, I came on here to offer some suggestions and advice to those of you, who have embarked on the journey to find happiness and fulfillment in life, by way of getting better with women.

Now what prompted such a sudden outburst of passion within me?

Believe it or not, watching the Presidential race in the US.

I’ve been glued to CNN, riding on every single word exchanged between the Democratic and Republican contenders to become the next President of the United States.

Now from all the candidates, I’ve especially been inspired, like millions all over the globe, by a true statesman, great leader, brilliant communicator and persuader who has truly seduced the minds and hearts of the masses including myself–In other words a man who is a true Alpha male in my books. I am speaking of none another than Senator and Democratic Presidential Candidate “Barack Obama”.

His message really rings loud and clear with me, when he talks about the concept of change and transformation. The one message or lesson that I have taken from him and would like to share with you, within the context of women and dating is:

To expect the most and best out of yourself !
and not to short-change yourself by compromising your standards !

Now to add to that, I would like to point out that you need make sure that your goals are not only fulfilling for the short term but also for the long term and make you a better person at the end of the day.

NOW…How does all this relate to getting a piece of tail?

Hold on Daniel San…..Mr Myagi will tell you!

I want to specifically talk about something important that affects every single one of us especially those that are new in this community and are trying to not only gain more principle power and choice in their dating and sex lives but attain success and fulfillment in every area of their lives.

Here it is…

There is this mindset within the “seduction community” and amongst some of the commercially known dating outfits out there which lends to the idea of success, self-esteem, status and fulfillment being equated to

Attracting physically hot women! for the moment. In otherwords…

"getting a one night stand with a beautiful woman".
"getting a make out"....
"pulling a married woman from a club, back to a hotel room

That to-By using verbal fakery and putting on a false persona!

Whether or not they want to admit it….this is what is written in the sales pitch of their newsletters and websites……..Why? because they know that most men are dumb and want a quick fix, an easy source for self-gratification, something easy and painless……..

The problem with this is that seeking validation from something external, that is not internal and innate is a mental dysfunction and will never lead to true happiness and fulfillment. We need to demand more out of such outfits by demanding more out of ourselves.

Furthermore, those that consider these superficial goals as an exemplification of greatness and glory should re examine their rules for what constitutes success with women and in life.

Believe me, and this is coming from a first person’s perspective….

In no way, shape or form is getting a woman to sleep with you on the same night a measure of success in your dating life by any means. Remember "casual sex" for a woman is nothing unique today. It is impersonal and comes cheap to her. All you have to do is to pump up her buying temperature and sexually attract her just enough so that she will be open to sleeping with you. That is not hard at all. Just follow the principle open-attract-touch escalate-close!…

This is not indicative of seduction mastery by any means...

However, try calling her the day after when she has had a chance to “backward rationalize” her actions the night before, and see if she still wants to see you. Further down the road, see if she excludes all other possibilities but you, see if she even subdues her bad habits, alters her mannerisms, changes her beliefs, just to be with you ...if she does then that is real game.

In fact, if you’ve read the book “The Game” you know that both the protagonist as well as the author himself were drawn out to be miserable, lonely, and in fact very insecure
and unfulfilled. This is not success to me but a quick fix.

Take for example, Eric Von Markovik or Mystery. He was able to pick up Katja but couldn’t keep her,. Neil was able to pick up Lisa from “Hole” ( Courtney Love’s lead on guitars” but was dumped by her after according to many press sources fell into the arms of the natural, confident Brit bad boy- Robbie Williams. Where did all this malarkey and trickery get them, beyond just getting with women for the short-term---who’s buying temperatures’ by the way, was already pumped up ---Not too far right!

Also, most dating outfits, only offer night club pick up workshops They DO NOT step into the day time arena teaching you day game, when women are in natural mode and not acting on emotion but on rational.

Is this real Game?…..Not to me!

Look, if you can only score fool’s mate results with emotionally spiked, insecure, validation seeking club girls….but not women who are not only attractive, but intelligent, cultured, Classy, independent then….you have a long way to climb to Mastery Level.

At most you will have attained the level called :

night club, one night stand master level , but not a Master Seducer level in all senses of the word. You should be able to grab women from any environment if you want to master the art of seduction.

So the short of the long is that……

Real Game is NOT to use verbal gambits, routines and techniques to manipulate a woman’s attraction mechanism to make her want to have a one night stand with you. but to naturally sexually attract a woman by exhibiting your “best self” to really make her open to forming a connection with you.

In other words, It is to get a woman to chase you, on Monday, Tues and Wed,, when you are not present , where she is distracted by other things and has had a chance to backward rationalize her initial meeting with you and not just when you are in front of her, while she is half drunk or feeling tipsy. In other words, where her emotions override her logic. Now when you open up your heart and mind to another person so you can connect with each other, on top of feeling an attraction for each other then that will lead to long-term success and true fulfillment.

Also just because a woman is "Hot" it doesn't mean you need Game to get her, contrary to what you have been told. Alot of beautiful women are very insecure, air headed, lack intelligence, culture, social character, presence and will once again speaking from massive in field experience ....So I want to point out that you don't have Game if you get such superficial results.

Real Game is to get a woman of exceptional beauty, but more importantly “quality”-a woman with a brain, an ego, with culture, class, a purpose, a set of her own values and beliefs, a woman who is an independent thinker...and not some "dumb-as dirt" Ms Ohio beauty Pageant Winner.

Ultimately this is the standard that you all deserve to expect for yourselves when deciding that you want to better yourself, in the area of women and dating and in life in general.

So…Let’s step out of our comfort zones and really raise the bar on ourselves by allowing for a more long-term, deep rooted connection with the opposite sex.

The 2nd premise that is advocated by juvenile members of the seduction community is to go into a club and simply use routines, strategies, gambits to attract the women—with much less emphasis on adding value to people, in general.

Bottom line:

It’s all about tits and ass….and no class” for these people.

You are taught to just take value and not give it…think about it! You are conditioned to go into a club , go into a group, for instance and manipulate the dynamics within it, simply to attract the prettiest woman there.

Can you see that once again its all about tits and ass, in other words about women---to score with them.... to validate yourself. That is a very immature and narcissistic mindset.

This is not what being an Alpha male is about..

Real Game in this sense, is to not only masterfully, manipulate the social dynamics in every situation to our advantage to attract the beautiful women there but to seduce everyone . In other words, to add value to everyone's LIFE .

In terms of large groups….make sure you seduce everyone and add value to everyone in the set through (stories,DHV’s,compliments, etc)

In fact this is why, I don't look at MPUA's or Commercially known Seducers, whether only known in the underworld or in the mainstream as anything special, simply because they bagged a couple of frolicking club ho's....by dressing outlandish, brandishing a set of routines or gambits to "manipulate" attraction —because they rarely impact anyone else. Rather we should look up to people who really impact people's lives and affect change globally like Anthony Robbins, Barack Obama, Clint Eastwood....Daniel Day Lewis..Brad Pitt....

To me these are role models and real men not because of the mere fact that they can pick up chics.....but because they can pick up people, seduce minds, and hearts, educate others, add value to people's lives, connect with people on a deep human level. Their power comes from stepping outside of the box and actually opening themselves to connecting with people for the long term and not just to get a rise out of them for the short term. We should aspire to do the same...even when attempting to bag the broads k!

The final weak premise promoted by many in this community and shamefully , even by those who are looked up to as teachers and mentors is that all you need to be successful in your dating and sex life is to have a hot woman on your arms..

The problem with this is that, If you rely on externals to make you feel important and fulfilled, then you haven’t really achieved anything great. You will learn to crave the high, but once that is gone, you are left in the barracks to wallow in your own miserable insecurity and unhappiness. You will feel belittled, small and a void in your self.

That will not make you feel whole and complete as a man whatsoever.

Success and fulfillment as a man can only be realized when you feel an inner sense of unconditional self confidence, pride, and honor simply because you are comfortable being yourself without a woman’s pat on your ass. Ironically having this attitude will make women fall at your feet.

So , In summary, instead of aspiring to become pick up junkies on a superficial quest to score make outs and one night encounters with physically attractive but mentally and emotionally weak women ….simply to feel validated --- We should aspire to connect with and to really seduce a woman's mind...one that is not only beautiful but of high quality and in any social venue. Secondly, we should look inside of ourselves to find any reason why we are important and valuable and should not rely on external validation.

Consequently, if you do choose a systematic approach to get this part of your life handled, then at least choose one that is effective in bringing about change that is deeply entrenched within your mind, permanent and REAL and not fake and just for the weekend. This way you change your self at the core and do attain long-term success, happiness and fulfillment.

Now that to me is “Elite Game” which you all deserve to learn whether on your own or through masters like us.